Every sin has a story! What’s yours?

Warning: Not for the faint of heart, or the strong of faith!

Each round begins with the Devil’s Advocate (the judge for the round) drawing a card and reading it aloud. Most cards are Evil Temptations: situations that set up the sin the other players will be “committing” in their short, written responses.

The Devil’s Advocate then rolls the Die of Fate to determine which Deadly Sin the players must commit (i.e. the sin of Envy, Pride, etc.)  The game includes a Deadly Sins explanation card that assigns a sin to each number.

The other players then take 2-3 minutes to write brief, wild / creative / raunchy / sinister responses and hand them to the player to the immediate right of the Devil’s Advocate to be read aloud. Dramatic flair is up to the assigned reader, but do what you can to have fun while verbalizing the horrors your friends have written.

The Devil’s Advocate then picks the best response, thus awarding one Sin Point card to the appropriate player. The round then ends, and gameplay moves onward in clockwise fashion.

The first player to receive seven Sin Points wins!

God Mods

Mingled in the deck are Divine Intervention cards that give God a chance to influence the game through any number of means. You’d think it would be wise to stay on God’s good side in most matters, but… well, you’ll see. Such are the Almighty’s endlessly touted “mysterious ways.”

  • Digital Deadlies: People’s handwriting, in general, often sucks, and it can break the flow of a game when struggling to read what others have written. Never fear! You could use your handy smartphones to write your responses and send them to the round’s reader by whatever messaging service suits your collective fancy.
  • Pure Evil: In order to win, the player must collect at least one Sin Point from each of the Seven Deadly Sins. Granted, this will make the game last longer, but Rome wasn’t burned down in a day. Wait… maybe it was?
  • Speed Sinning: In a time crunch to get to Hell? Instead of rolling the Die of Fate each turn, play a seven-round game of each Deadly Sin. Whoever’s in the lead at the end wins!
  • God is Dead: Remove all the Divine Intervention cards from the deck and proceed, you adorable, little atheists.


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